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At La Salette School, we are committed to making your child’s transition to our school as smooth-sailing as possible.  We have efficiently streamlined our processes to make it easy to follow.  All applicants must complete the admission process, as outlined below in 3 easy steps,

Step 1Secure the required Registration Form at the Administration Office.  Please look for Ms. Jeannie Feh or Ms. Nova for the interview schedule.  You can download the Registration Form HERE.

Step 2Submit your child’s Registration Form and other required documents during the day of the interview.  A diagnostic test may be required apart from the one-on-one interview.  A decision on acceptance can then be made.  Payment options are available.

Step 3The enrolment is considered confirmed once the Upon Enrolment or Registration fee is paid.  Please make sure to keep your Official Receipt as proof of payment.


  1. Accomplished Registration Form
  2. Form 138 / Report Card (original)
  3. Two (2) 2×2 colored ID photos
  4. NSO Birth Certificate (original)
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character (original)
  6. Baptismal Certificate (photocopy)

For Foreign Students, the following are additional requirements:

  1. Copy of the Passport showing: a) picture, date of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiration
  2. Alien Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Immigration (BOI)

For Special Education Students, the following are additional requirements:

  1. Developmental Pediatrician’s Findings / Reports
  2. Progress / Narrative Report from previous SPED school or Therapy Center
  3. Other Assessments / Reports related to child’s condition